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Tax Documents Organizer

Tax Time is here again. Time to organize your financial affairs, financial data and financial documents for the purpose of filing your tax return.

It is always better to organize your all relevant information and documents to avoid delay in tax filing or omitting important data. Due to lack of documents/data, accountants are filing for extensions resulting in extra interest payments and high chances of omitting tax benefits.

We have designed this data organizer very helpful to organize basic information/documents, before you start working on tax preparation. We are sure, the organizer will help you a lot in organizing your documents/data, and to file your taxes on timely basis.

This organizer & Check list sheet is only for general help to organize your papers, and it is not necessary that all the boxes apply on you or you will be eligible for those benefits.

Check List for Taxpayer Personal Information:

Dependents Information:

Note: You are supposed to receive W2 by end of January, and if you did not receive any, better to contact your employer. Check if all the information, name, SS#, Wage etc is correct. If not contact your employer for correction to issue W2-C.

Financial Information

Details of estimated taxes paid:

Schedule “A” Filers:

Job related expenses, those are not reimbursed by the employer:

Schedule “C” Filers

Things to Check Before Mailing Your Tax Returns:

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