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Preparing and filing of Article of Association with the Secretary of State of New Jersey, Commercial Recording.

Information Required:

• Name of Corporation
• Business Address
• Name and Addresses of Director (s).
• Name of Authorized Agent
• Address of authorized agent
• Number & classes of shares
• Any other article provisions.

Name of the corporation should be unique and should not be already taken by other corporation. Before selecting a name ‘name availability search' is required. It is always better to propose three names priority wise. Your chosen name should not become unavailable by the time you ready by all information and ready to register the corporation, better to go for name reservation process.


We provide services for obtaining Federal ID/EIN- ‘Employer Identification Number'. EIN is assigned number to corporation or other entity that works like social security number of individuals. The number is required to open bank account, hire employees and paying payroll taxes, corporation taxes and virtually required at all phases for conducting the business.

Information required completing the process:

• Name of Corporation or entity
• Address
• Name & Social Security Number of authorized officer
• Date of hiring (actual or planned) employees
• Type & Nature of Business
• Date of Starting the Business
• Any prior Federal ID
• Estimated Number of Employees to be hired in a year etc.


A corporation or other entity has also to be registered with New Jersey Taxation Department to get State Tax ID to conduct business in New Jersey and to pay wages to workers. Registration is good for:


Apart from state registration, a business may require specific license or licenses depending on nature of business from different agencies. Each type of licenses required typical processing and specific requirements to comply with and paying fee for initial approval and renewal fees for specific terms.

If your business needs specific licenses, we provide services for processing license applications.


Corporation Kit is a ready made standard package available to a corporation that contains:

• By Laws
• Forms & Templates for different kind of meetings
• Blank printed stock certificates
• Corporation seal
• Stock Certificate Register.

The kit is handy and ready made for the corporation for standard material. You can draft and adopt your corporation buy laws and other material. Kit is handy and ready available for standard items.


Each corporation needs an individual or entity as a registered agent and registered office in New Jersey .

We provide agent services for annual and start up fee. We allow a corporation to use our address as a registered office and as a registered agent for your corporation we will receive state legal mail and notices at our address and will promptly forward to the designated officer.

Such services will be on selective basis keeping in view convenience & reliability and is limited only for USA residents.


A corporation can elect itself a sub-chapter “S” corporation. For more detail see our article on this topic.

“S” corporation is a standard regular corporation that can elect to be treated or taxed as “S” corporation with IRS and state Taxation department. Major difference between “C” corporation and “S” corporation is in different tax treatment. “C” Corporation is a taxable entity that pays taxes on its profits, whereas “S” corporation is not a taxable entity that does not pay any tax on its profit, rather profit or loss passed through to its shareholders in their respective ratio and percentage. Such a profits or losses are included in individual tax return of shareholder(s), irrespective of the fact whether they have receive their respective share or not. Though “S” corporation is not a taxable entity, still has the same requirement of filing tax returns on tax forms specified for S Corporations.

Though “S” corporation is a better tax status but still it may not be suitable or available to all as the status is available under certain restrictions and limitations with regard to number of shareholders, US status of shareholders, Class of shares, affiliations with other corporations, timely filing requirement etc.

Therefore we suggest before you chose “S” status, you should analyze your business objectives, expansion objectives, number of shareholders, their US status.

We provide services on consulting the issue and processing for “S” status for your corporation