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Our firm is unique and different in providing accounting, tax, and auditing and management services. Basically we are one stop solution centers for all your service needs in these areas.

We work in a very professional manner. We do deep analysis of clients’ concern and situation before we come up with solutions. We spend sufficient time, review the related documents, analysis the client statements, observe the clients concern and then we explore the possible alternative strategies before we recommend or choose the best suited path. Our solutions are being rated high and are appreciated by our clients.

We are expert in meeting dead lines. We are not in favor of filing extensions. We want to finish all work even before the dead lines. Our customers are surprised specially those who have transferred their accounts from other CPA Firms. We prepare complete package of our services well in advance.

Meeting dead lines is a very crucial factors for the clients business, in such an absence, clients have to pay interest and penalties due to late filing and not paying taxes on time. Such lapses results in financial and reputation complications to clients with IRS/State Agencies.

We believe in timely monitoring the clients financial and tax issues at our own, and keep them alert for possible lapses. We encourage our clients for frequently meetings, discuss their current and future plans, analyze their cash flow, accrued liabilities and other business issues, and come up with solutions in advance. Our clients are very much impressed the way they get help in advance. They always says that we feel fully secure the way we monitor their business and they always feel us with them.

We participate in clients team and do the role of team players. We attend the meetings of Board of Directors, we visit the site of our clients on time to time basis, we discuss the issues with Senior Officers, Financial Controllers and Staff Accountants to know the functions and current issues of our clients and always come up with creative suggestions and solutions. Some of our clients commented that they feel that we are working for them as full time.

We are there for our clients all the times. Even we attend their issues at odd hours, late evenings and weekends. We try to attend all the call immediately. We fully understand that client needs immediate attention for tax and accounting issues, especially IRS issues need immediate attention. We can easily assess the level of stress and tension. We always like to stand for our clients.

We are innovative. We are not only for data entry or number players. We participate with our clients business ventures, new business, expansions, closing, diversification, developments, cost controlling, management control, training and consulting. Some of our clients feel us as their business partners.

Our way of working is different and unique. It is like two-edge sword. At the time we are more efficient for serving our clients and other is a good source of learning and experience to us.

We really enjoy by serving our clients…..we are different.