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Corporation is the one of the output of several types of business entities. Its creation involves a statutory required processing with Secretary of State, Department of Commercial Recording by filling article of Association and paying statutory fee.

Article of Association is a legal document which contains the:

• Name of corporation
• Business Address
• Purpose of Corporation
• Information about Initial Director (s)
• Information about registered agent.
• Registered Office Address
• Authorized number of shares
• Types or classes of shares
• Other article’s provisions

“Article of Association” is public record information and name of such entity should have proper designation to understand entity as a ‘corporation' such as

• Inc.
• Incorporated
• Corp.
• Corporation
• Ltd.

Corporation can have a name of its choice subject to availability with State. In State each corporation should have unique and different name to avoid the conflict with other corporation having similar name. You may have to follow name availability search or to get name reservation services to adopt a specific name of the corporation.
The successful filing of articles of association gives the birth to a corporation in the name specified therein.