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types of business entities.

When you want to do business you need some kind business formation. Here we have several types of business entity or formation. Major of them are:

1. Sole proprietorship/Sole Practitioner/Self-employed
2. Partnership/Association
3. Corporation/S Corporation

Each entity has its own merits and tax and legal consequences. It is important to adopt a right kind of business setup for your business venture. There are several setup options having their own peculiarities and merits, but it is most important to pick the one most suitable to your business venture.

Once the business setup is adopted, if later you find it not suitable, changing options may involve complex accounting adjustments and complex tax accounting.

Before you for business, better to study or consult for different setup options to pick up the most appropriate. We help our clients to adopt the most suitable business setup as we review carefully:

A suitable and most appropriate form of business set-up helps: