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Board of Directors is a governing body of a corporation, appointed or elected by shareholders. Number of Directors, their election criteria, office terms, duties and scope of responsibilities are included in Corporations buy laws. Board of Directors usually held several types of periodical meeting and passes the resolutions. Board of Directors also select and appoint other Managers and Officers to manage and run day to day business of a corporation.


Corporation should have a Registered Agent (an individual or entity incorporated in the State or authorized to conduct business in the State) and registered office address in state of a corporation. The registered office address may be different then the business address.
The purpose of registered agent is to receive the mail of local service of process, legal and tax documents, renewal forms and annual report forms etc, those it (Registered Agent) has to forward to authorized officer of the corporation on promptly basis.

Any change in registered agent and registered office is required to be updated with the State on promptly basis.


Incorporator or Incorporators (an individual or entity) signs the Article of Association for incorporating the business, has no other responsibility or authority over the corporation except in case knowing or willful misrepresentations.