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accounting services

Firm is expert in providing all types of accounting services:

We are expert in accounting for:

• Sole Proprietorship
• Partnership Accounting
• Corporate Accounting
• Consolidated Statements for Subsidiary Accounting
• Accounting for international businesses.

Book-Keeping Services

We setup accounting system and book-keep writing. We will maintain accounting books on our clients behalf. We will book all incomes and expenses as per information supply to us through bank statements and receipts & vouchers.

This service is very suitable and economical for small businesses. Instead of having your own bookkeeper you can retain us. Our bookkeeper will do the job under CPA’s supervision.
Bank Reconciliation: As a part of Bookkeeping services we do periodical Bank Reconciliation and any discrepancy found as a result of Bank Reconciliation is rectified and promptly reported to Client/Bank.


We do the complete payroll services that include:

Tax Preparation

We prepare and file tax returns:

We are expert in deciding, defining and detecting deductible business expenses. As client one may be unaware of several expenses those can be deductible as business or job related expenses. We spent good time with our client to find out such expenses for which he may not be aware. Our clients have several appreciation’s for our special efforts.

Our motto is not only to prepare the tax return based on information provided by the tax payer rater to use due diligence to find out additional information to considered for preparing the tax return of optimum tax consequences.

Our Motto: Our client should pay only minimum legal tax.

Audits, Reviews and Compilations Services

We are expert in Auditing, Review and Compilation of financial statements relating to all types of businesses and industries: We provide financial reporting on :


We represent our clients who are hard hit to afford due taxes. If you are hard hit and financial unsound to pay taxes, we can represent you to get offer in compromise from IRS/State.

Audit Representation

We represent our clients during IRS audited/State Audits/ Sales Tax Audit. We are expert in handling IRS notices, IRS issues and problems, Tax issues and notices with State Tax Agencies. Handling lien and levy actions. Handling penalty cases being assessed by IRS.

Setting up Employees Benefit Plans

We provide services to setup employees benefit plans:

Business Plans & Projection

We are very good in preparing Business Plans and financial projections. Such documents are depended by financial institution for providing commercial loans, credit lines, licensing agencies.

Business Plan is a good way to conduct the business. Most of business they fail because they did no plan to fail but fail to plan.

We analysis clients financial and management environment, its current and long term goals, type of business, source of funds, payoff plans, sale-cost-profit projection to make a creative, realistic and achievable plan.

Management Service

We provide management services:

Costing and Budgeting

We provide our services for cash management, cost controlling and budgeting.

Cost controlling Cost-Benefit Analysis to detect unproductive costs and planning for reduction or elimination of such costs.

When your revenue flow is low, still you can maintain level of profits, by tracing and eliminating or reducing your unproductive costs, because in certain situation:

Money saved = Money earned.

Where business is running at low level with little or no scope of revenue increase, it is better to go for your timely cost reduction or elimination planning for maintaining your:-

Concept of cutting cost is not so easy as it sound. Each cost center (overhead) requires cost-analysis, including their profit/production relation. Cutting a cost without cost-profit relationship analysis, rather may result in further losses.

On the other side, costs are of different types and natures, such as:-

Such lists can be more expanded, keeping in view, your managerial setup.

We are, here, expert in analyzing such costs, defining their nature, tracing their unproductive portion, and suggesting for their elimination at a stretch or in phase outs.

Major cost in a business salary and labor cost, benefits and payroll taxes. We consider such costs variable costs, because level of cost goes high as you add more employees to your work force. More so this cost is directly related with revenue. Therefore, a careful analysis and modification of salary & benefit structure would result in heavy cost cuts. Another vital and crucial part here is, that how you cost and rate the your services or product to your clients/customers.

The other areas of costs would be:-

Those include with other items, salary and benefits to administrative, sales, recruiting & accounting staff. Here we carefully examine the list of total functions and responsibilities in relations to time and motion theories, and suggest of optimum grouping and establishing responsibility centers accordingly. We also detect duplication or worthlessness of certain functions, and suggest for their elimination.

We have find that some companies have very costly running accounting department/functions such as a/p, a/r (invoicing), payroll, bank recs. etc, and does not have proper costing or budgeting for accounting department. We can review your costing and functioning of your accounting department, and can suggest for most safe, efficient and economical functioning.

We analyze for optimum use of office space under office management and suggest for internal supervision including setting up of internal control system for optimum use of office time.

We suggest you to please review our credentials and retain us for Cost Analysis Services, and we will help you in tracing, cutting or elimination of unproductive costs.

Setting up and Training in Computerized Accounting

We setup, customize and provide training for using accounting packages for your business and personal financial accounting.

We are expert in customizing accounting package of all brands and industries such QuickBooks, PeachTree, OneWrit Plus, Right Click, Peoplesoft, SAP, Oracle.